• Program: Ab Blast!
  • Age Range for Program: 16 – 40 (Basically good knees and a strong back)
  • Plan Length: 6 Weeks
  • Ab Exercises: 20 – 40 minutes
  • Cardio Exercises: 35 – 45 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate style exercises
  • Works: Entire Core, including the lower part of your abs and Oblique Exercises to Reduce Love Handles and Slim down your Waist.
  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells (Mandatory), Exercise Mat (Optional)
  • Training Style: Sculpting, Toning, HIIT Cardio


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The AB BLAST PROGRAM is based on resistance training mostly using your own body weight, functional training as well as HIIT Style Cardio. This Ab workout consists of different resistance training exercises mostly using our own bodyweight with a few instances of accessory work outs. You will be targeting your core from all possible directions, that is, the middle part of your core with some attention given to the upper part of your abs, your lower abs as well as your obliques (which run along the sides of your waist) and to some extent your transverse abdominals.

Your HIIT Style Cardio will also ensure you are able to begin to burn the excess fat deposits that might be found in your torso area. This will allow the leaner, shapelier lean muscle to develop and increase your overall Core tone and definition.

Follow our 6 day workouts a week with 1 day of rest to achieve Optimum results. Each week consists of 3 Ab workout days along with 3 days of HIIT Style Cardiovascular workouts. The combination of strength training with your Ab work and Cardio will ensure you achieve OPTIMUM RESULTS! The timetable is designed with increasing level of difficulty by challenging you through the exercises stated and/or the amount of “Reps” to be completed.

You are provided with comprehensive information about each exercise with pictures to show you the correct way to perform each exercise and a complete breakdown with step by step descriptions of how to perform the exercise.

You are also given top tips on techniques with form and breathing, ways to modify your workout (that is, to either increase or decrease difficulty where applicable) and information to ensure the Pinkdreams Ab Blast Program works for you!

With the timetable stated, if the exercises are done correctly you WILL see desirable results. Through this program, you will discover some new exercises that will challenge you and become your new favourites. You can incorporate them into your own workout routine going forward and achieve the ultimate goal of you BECOMING YOUR OWN BODY GOALS!