Nigerian Yoga Queen Ceenthyah Ophil

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Let’s Get Motivated with our Nigerian Yoga Queen, Ceenthyah Ophil

Written by Kike

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From my Social Media, I believe you already know I love things that have to do with fitness.

The great thing about fitness is that there are never-ending sources of inspiration to keep you motivated.

In this section, I will be featuring Fitness Personalities I find inspirational that we can learn from, to either help us get started and/or stay motivated.

I’m honored that my first ever interview is with the lovely Nigerian Yoga Queen and  Expert, Cynthia Theophilus.

The great thing about her is although she’s super-advanced in her poses, she’s also great at the basics of yoga and has impeccable technique.

She might even be accessible to you if you are interested in learning more about yoga.

We got a chance to catch up with her, here is what she had to say…..


1. Hi Ceentyah, can you tell us a little bit about yourself.


My name is Theophilus Cynthia, generally spelt as “Ceenthyah”. I am a Nigerian from Umuahia in Abia state and I live in Abuja, Nigeria.

2. I love your love for yoga. What inspired you to start practicing yoga?


I originally got into yoga for flexibility reasons about 6 years ago in 2014.

Being naturally very flexible, I felt this was the best way to hone my “skills” but along the line, I found out it was good for all the things that ailed me.

As soon as I realised that it was a lot more than the physical postures I saw online, I started practicing at home.

After my first real class, I was hooked. I knew this was something I wanted to do for a really long time.

3. You’ve come such a long way. How often do you practice yoga?


The number of times I practice in a week varies. Sometimes I could practice everyday of the week and other times I could practice just once.


4. How do you create a balance between practicing yoga and other responsibilities?


As a yoga teacher, sometimes my schedule gets so choked up. I get so busy teaching classes that I hardly have the time for my personal practice.

But I do try to find a balance between my teaching and personal practice by sneaking in at least 20 minutes of personal practice before my group class.

5. When you find that time for your personal yoga practice, what are your favorite poses?


Lol there are soo many yoga poses to love, that it’s so hard to pick.. but some of my favorites include, (in no particular order) dancer pose, handstand, wheel pose, lotus, frog pose the list goes on.

6. Those are some really cool poses that show flexibility and strength. What are the benefits you’ve discovered with your yoga practice?


Personally, I believe yoga is all encompassing.

It builds, tones, shreds, shapes, relaxes, strengthens and heals at the same time .

7. Are there any exercises or any other things you do that aid your yoga practice?


About 3 years after I started practising yoga I discovered pilates. Although I’m generally not a “workout “ person lol, I’ve found pilates and yoga to be a great blend.

I also try to eat as healthy as I possibly can, although I don’t have a diet routine I follow.

Nigerian Yoga Queen | Ceenthyah Ophil

8. What advice do you have for someone who wants to begin or has just started their yoga journey?


For beginners start easy, start where you are.. don’t rush the process, because there could be serious injuries if you do. I would know… I’ve been there.. Rome, as they say wasn’t built in a day.

Listen to your body and give it the love and attention it needs, don’t force any pose and don’t feel intimidated because someone seemingly does it better, everyone’s practice is different.

Your practice is yours alone, so focus on it, surrender and don’t resist, and most importantly BREATHE.

9.Your Yoga poses inspire me a lot. What advice do you have for people who are trying to achieve an intermediate or advanced level in yoga?

First of all I’d like to say thank you. Also, my advice to anyone trying to achieve intermediate or advanced poses, would be keep pushing, but don’t push too hard.

Trust the process, with consistent practice, and patience, they’d definitely get there.

Inspirational Nigerian Yoga Queen

10. With my study of yoga I’ve come to learn that yoga is known to improve your general quality of life. Do you agree with this notion?


The benefits of yoga in my life are innumerable. Because I have struggled with a lot of health issues both physically and mentally and yoga has helped me a great deal. It has helped me cope, and it has helped me heal.

11. That sounds amazing, you are definitely very experienced. Do you teach yoga?


Thank you. I teach group classes, private classes, online classes, even corporate organizations.

12. It’s one thing to practice yoga and a whole other thing to teach, what made you decide to go into teaching.


I want to be able to inspire people and let them know that there’s hope, and whatever challenges they are facing shouldn’t be seen as limitations but as stepping stones to a better and healthier life.

Also teaching yoga makes me happy, It really gives me joy as selfish as that sounds.

13. Great, Anything else you would like to add?


I especially love working with physically impaired people and people with health challenges. Because I’ve been there, I know how it feels to have to deal with these challenges, to feel limited.

So I want to help in whatever way I can to help them reach their health goals, both physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise.

9. It’s been lovely chatting you Ceenthyah, but I can only cover so much. How can people get in touch with you and also follow your journey?

It’s been lovely chatting with you toosmile

You can follow me on Social Media

IG: Ceenthyah | Twitter: ceenthyah_  | FB: Ceenthyah Ophil

Inspirational Nigerian Yoga Queen

There you have it guys, we have gotten up, close and personal with Ceenthyah, our Nigerian Yoga Queen who is passionate, determined and also not afraid to share tips and advice. 

If Yoga is something you are drawn to and want to try you can see there is nothing to be scared of, It takes time for everyone.

The most important thing is to just begin. 

It is also advisable to seek professional help to prevent injury and also motivate you through your journey.

If you would like to ask any questions or share your experience, please feel free to contact her or leave a comment below so we see if we can help.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this article and remember a healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle. Love Kike Pinkdreams




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