How to Eat Less


December 18, 2019

If you would like to learn to eat less without feeling like you are hungry constantly or you are depriving your body of food, then this post if is for you. Here are some simple things you can do:

1. Brush Your Teeth After Eating

Brushing your teeth after eating will help reduce your appetite. If you’ve ever tasted food right after brushing your teeth, you understand how this can prevent you from eating more.

2. Drink a Glass Of Water Before Your Meal

Drinking water before you eat will help you feel full faster, therefore reducing the amount of food you eat.

3. Include High Volume And Low Calorie Food

Mixing in some type of salad (no dressing) as a part of your Carbohydrate (that is rice, yam, potato, plantain) serving reduces your Calories while still helping you stay full. Instead of just 2 spoons of boiled rice and stew, you can Change It To 1 spoon of boiled rice, 1 spoon of sweet corn or steamed lettuce and stew and mix it together in your plate when you eat at home. Trust me, that little change will reduce your Calories in a Big way. You should eat this way for every meal, even with Eba or Pounded Yam – think more soup, less swallow

4. Eat More Lean Protein

Eating Lean Protein such as Eggs, Low – fat or Greek Yoghurt, Chicken or Turkey (without the skin) and Beans will help you Body build more muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat. So having more muscle in your Body is an advantage. Protein is also great if you’re trying to lose weight because they help you stay fuller for longer. Protein will help you feel full longer than Carbohydrates or Fat.

5. Use Smaller Plates

If you’re the sort of person who has to eat everything on your plate then using a smaller plate than you’re used to, will help you eat less. Smaller plates can automatically reduce portion size.

6. Don’t Eat 0ut Of The Packaging

We all love snacks but eating straight out of a packet or jar, is a Big No-No! You should always Portion your food, so you know how much you are eating. This goes for Healthy Snacks too. Always read the serving suggestion on the Label and divide your Snack into as many Portions as the Manufacturer suggests, this will help you eat less. No more Mindless Eating!

Learning to Lose or Maintain your weight – the healthy way is a Process, the most important thing is to Begin Your Journey.



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