Diet and Exercise

the right diet & exercise routine

Your Dream body is Within Reach

Getting your Ideal Body (or pretty close) is very possible, it just takes the right diet and exercise routine. 

To get your Ideal Body you need a good Diet (Nutrition & Calories) and the right set of exercises to support your goal – You need a Plan. This might be hard for you to come up with on your own especially if you have no prior knowledge on the subject. Getting an expert written plan that works for You is Key.

Once you have the right Plan (Diet & Exercise) you need to change your Habits – from the foods you eat to what you drink, you’ll even have to change the way you spend your “free” time whether you watch series in binges, read books or prefer to go clubbing, some changes will have to be made.

Sticking to your Plan, making the right changes and staying consistent will have you living in your Dream Body in months, guaranteed!

Let’s Customize a Diet/Exercise Plan for You.

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My Approach to a Healthy Body

My approach is realistic and easy-to-follow for myself and my clients – I use a combination of foods that work well for your Body while still keeping Daily Calories in check as well as exercises that support your goal and strengthen the body.

Eating Clean

Focus on eating less processed foods and drinks

Effective Exercise

That support your fitness level and overall goals.


If you a have a bad day or week, brush it off your shoulders. Never Give Up

Building a Diet for YOU and YOUR Goals

Your Goal might be Weight Gain, you want to learn a new way of eating and gain an appreciation for different types of food or maybe Weight Loss is your aim, you want to find out what foods you are to cut from your diet and learn replacements for them. For others, just want to Maintain your Weight, you want healthier options to so your Body feels better to live in. We Create Diets that suit your Goal.

Working Hard doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Let’s face it exercising isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you have an Exercise Routine you have been following for up to 2 weeks and you still find it near impossible to complete it, there’s a very high chance the Intensity Level of your Exercise Routine does not match your Fitness Level.  Exercises have different Intensity Levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. With the Pinkdreams Exercise Plan, the exercises stated will match your fitness level. Exercising for your Fitness Level is the only way to get through your workouts and achieve your Goal. You may even begin to Enjoy your Workouts.

Finding the Right Balance with Diet & Exercise

When I get clients who are interested in just a Diet Plan I always advise them to still work on their fitness and vice versa with clients who get just an Exercise Plan. You see Diet and Exercise go hand-in-hand. This is because with Diet you will lose or gain weight (depending on your goals) but in order to tone up your body and speed up results you need to exercise. With Exercise, you are toning your body already but in order to maximize your potential results from working out and recovery, you need the right Diet. Your Diet also gives you the energy to get through your day despite working. This is why getting advice from an expert and Finding the Right Balance with Diet and Exercise.

 What Happens After My 6 Week Pinkdreams Plan is Over?

How do I stay Consistent

Fit your Plan into your Regular Life

During your Plan you are introduced to different ways of taking care of your Body. I would love for you to take the new information you have about exercise and/or diet and fit it into your regular life. It doesn’t have to be at the same intensity as the Plan but trust me, a little bit goes a long way.

Make it a Habit

After you’ve completed the pinkderams plan either diet, fitness or both, your usual daily routine should have changed, hopefully for the better. You probably feel more active and better in general. That’s great and I suggest you keep the momentum going so you just keep getting better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my Plan to be ready?

Our Exercise Packages are delivered to your email as soon as payment is made. With our Customized Plans it takes 3 – 5 working days.

Where do I find the food for my Plan?

All the food choices on your plan are sold in Supermarkets and Markets in Nigeria.

Can I get an At-Home Exercise Plan?

Yes, we can create one. The only little thing is you will need to have access to dumbbells and/ or resistance bands to give your exercises that Extra Boost. In cases where you don’t have Fitness Accessories, you will need to buy some. Think about is as spending a little money for a lot of difference.

How will I know the right amount of food to eat?

Each key ingredient of your plan is stated with measurements. You will need both measuring cups and food scales to measure your food.

Do I have to belong to a gym?

No, you don’t. It’s easier if you belong to a gym because you will have a lot of equipment and different weight ranges readily available to you. If joining a gym is not for you, I will let you know the exercise accessories you need to purchase or I will design a Plan or we can design a Plan around the equipment you have available to you.

When do I start my Plan?

You can start your Plan as soon as you are ready and have all the resources you need together, hopefully that’s ASAP. In cases where I am Coaching you through, you need to let me know when you are ready to begin so I can stay up-to-date with you, your journey and progress.