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Tone your legs and sculpt your glute muscles

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Full-body routine ensures that you work the major muscle groups of your body

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Sculpt that core – Get a Tighter and Slimmer Mid-section. Tailored for Everyone!

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Get your dream body from the comfort of your home

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We offer, customized home workouts and or gym sessions for weight-loss and toning, Personal Training services both online and one-on-one, and Diet Plans that are actually easy to follow and portioned based on our calculations for what your calorie intake needs to be for your goals, which could be, either Weight loss or Weight Gain.

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  • Impressive services and Great Support!

    Before I got in contact with Kike, I used to work out regularly but I did not really see much of an improvement. I worked with her on a Weight gain Diet plan and Total body Exercise plan and saw immediate results. I feel so good now, I had potential before but now I actually have muscle definition (My abs are on point) and have gained muscle mass. Will definitely recommend  her services.

    Impressive services and Great Support!
    Tony Ibe
  • A competitively priced and professional service

    I feel great thanks to the 6 weeks program with one of the industry’s best motivational fitness trainer.

    A competitively priced and professional service
  • Very Happy With Results

    I Study in Canada and gained a lot of weight before moving back to Nigeria for 6 months. A family friend recommended Kike and I bought her Diet plan with consultation. The first thing I noticed was the quality and precision of the document which had a lot of information and instructions. I followed the 6 week plan and started noticing results in as little as 10 – 14 days. She also convinced me to workout and made sure I joined a gym. I was 4Xl before I started and after the plan was over I had dropped 2 shirt sizes. My clothes don’t fit me anymore. I am very happy with the results and would recommend her services :))))

  • I Really Recommend Her Services

    I thought there was something wrong with my body because I had been going to the gym for two years but I was not getting the result I wanted. I contacted Kike and requested a customized workout Plan. I sent her pictures of the gym I go to here in Abuja and then, she sent me a plan to be used in my gym. Now when I go to the gym, my workouts are like wow! I know exactly what to do, I love my plan. My Body is finally changing and with my waist trainer workouts, I’m getting my figure 8 body… Thanks Coach K

  • Great

    Hmm! I’m a Thick girl so I’m not very comfortable working out in general in the gym plus trainers will just be approaching you anyhow. When you now allow them train you, Wahala! Too much rubbish exercise. My gym Plan is great because it uses equipment, dumbbells and body weight, the dumbbells and body weight part I just do at home then I use the gym equipment for weights and cardio. No more excuses. Plus she’s there for me and listens to all my complaining and gives advice on top… Love it