Diet & Exercise Plan


Diet & exercise PLAN

The right diet & exercise routine

Customized Plan for you

I am pretty sure you already know the right Diet and the correct variation of exercises will get your Body from NOT to HOT! By combining the customized Pinkdreams Diet and Exercise Plans, your Body Goals are definitely within reach.

Your Customized Pinkdreams Diet Plan will be created based on the results from our calculations of what your Calorie Intake needs, in order for you to achieve your Body Goals be that to lose or gain weight. It is also designed using mostly organic and unprocessed food, we use the right balance of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins such that you are able to tone your body by building lean muscle (toning up) and shedding fat for a more slimmer and toned You.

The Pinkdreams Diet Plan is NOT a starvation Diet, our portion sizes ensure you are able to stay fuller for longer. We will work with some of your preferences while encouraging you to try new food options and/or food combinations. Your Diet will your Body the fuel it needs to power you through your day, taking into account your Workout and Recovery.

With the Pinkdreams Exercise Plan, you will be able to Sculpt and Tone your Body in accordance with your Body Goals from a more defined “V” shape, a more toned and lifted Bum, to increase the size of your Shoulders, just to reduce inches off your waist and get rid of your love handles and/or to gain or lose weight.

Whatever your Body Goals are, the Pinkdreams Diet & Exercise Plans will be sure to get you there…… now, LET’S WORK!!

**Please be sure to fill your Questionnaire with the most accurate responses possible, to enable us Create the Best Plan for You!!


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