Benefits of Strength Training


August 22, 2017

Cardio Vs Strength Training

This statement seems to be all the rage right now; there are lots of transformation images that show the results of a workout that is made up of cardio activities versus a workout that is comprised primarily of Strength Training activities with little to no cardio exercise at all.

Shown below are examples of such images;

If you’re looking to get a more toned overall appeal (as some people say “firm up” aka my mum), increase your muscular ability, gain muscle mass or lose weight – strength training is most definitely the way to go.

Now that we get the basic idea, we need to go a little deeper for more substantial information and understanding.  Beginning with;



Cardio (full name being cardiovascular) exercises is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Our bodies need movement (and this need only grows with time), this helps keep our muscles in shape. Cardio makes for stronger muscles and stronger muscles make for a more healthy body. The Human Heart is a muscle and working it makes it stronger.


Kike Pinkdreams (Expert in Diet & Nutrition)

A stronger cardiovascular system means more capillaries delivering more oxygen to the cells in our muscles and more oxygen in cells leads to increase in the amount of fat you burn both during exercise and inactivity.

The Benefits of Strength Training at a glance

Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders. Here are some benefits of strength training that is useful to everyone.

Building Muscle Strength

As we get older we lose muscle strength, by the time we are in our 70s, we will have lost 25% of the muscle strength and tone we had in our mid-30s. 70 might seem a far way off but I believe “Prevention is better than Cure” and Prevention here would be engaging in a strength training activity right now, there is no time like the present. So drop and give me 10, that could be 10 pushups (variation with knees on the ground) or sit-ups, you choose.

Speeds up Metabolism

Strength training, including weightlifting, helps people gain muscle, which speeds up metabolism and burns more fat in the long term.

Tones Up Your Body

Weight Training allows you reshape your body by building muscle which gives you a firm and toned look, whereas, with cardio, you lose both muscle mass and fat, so what you are left with is a smaller version of yourself which won’t necessarily be a shapelier version of you. Losing weight through cardio only can lead to the individual looking “soft” which is due to the fact that they lost muscle; this isn’t usually a desired effect.

Burns More Calories

Studies have shown that starting off with strength training and finishing off with cardio leads to an increase in heart rate by about 12 beats per minute which means more calories burned.

Stay in Shape

The muscle gains from strength training are easy to maintain. Once you’ve gotten your body to a fairly toned state, you are able to even reduce the intensity of your workout and still see fairly reasonable results. This is because Muscle tissue lasts a fairly long term as long as there is a stimulus to the muscle and we consume enough protein for muscle maintenance. That is why you see retired athletes still looking good years after training.


Kike Pinkdreams (Expert in Diet &Nutrition)

**Fun Fact for females – Weight lifting will not lead to a more masculine appearance as we do not naturally have the amount of testosterone necessary to build a masculine form.

So everyone, HAPPY LIFTING!!



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