Welcome Pinkdreams

Hello and Welcome to Pinkdreams, I am the CEO and Boss Lady in Charge, Kike Pinkdreams. You might know me as a Fitness & Lifestyle Enthusiast or maybe you don’t know me at all, allow me Introduce (or re-introduce) myself;

My Story

My love for all things Fitness, started naturally enough over a decade ago while in uni, I gained weight and went from a size 10 in 1st year to almost a size 14 by the end of 2nd year. I hadn’t had issues with my weight up until this point, so this was a whole new domain. Rather than complicate things in my head, I just told myself, “it’s all good, I’ll just start exercising” and from that point, a whole new me was BORN! Over the years, my workouts evolved from just skipping and sit ups to bodyweight exercises. After years later, I decided I needed more and started working with Fitness trainers, I eventually found their various training regimes insufficient and decided to educate myself in all things Diet & Exercise and figure out what training style worked best.

In working with various Trainers and “experts” in Lagos, I found that they could barely answer my Questions and were more about just telling me what to do rather than actually explaining how they intended to get me to my goals and working with me to achieve them. As an Engineer (by mindset and education – Bsc. Electrical & Electronics Engineering… Hello!), I needed plans and advice that were more in – depth and with scientific explanations so I educated myself, and got Certified in;

Who We Are

We are an Online Fitness and Lifestyle store based in Lagos, Nigeria. Pink dreams, endeavors to bring you quality products and services, with the aim of improving your general quality of life. We cater to various aspects of your Health; Fitness with products such as gym clothes, gym bags, homeware for a healthier lifestyle and exercise equipment. We also have various services to make you your own “Body Goals” and help you live better in your Body, we offer, customized home workouts for weight-loss and toning, Personal Training services both Online and One-on-One, and Diet Plans that are actually easy to follow and portioned based on our Calculations for what your Calorie Intake needs to be for your goals, which could be, either Weight loss or Weight Gain.

We work with a Reputable Logistics Company, GIG Logistics and deliver to over 21 States within Nigeria. We ensure your products are properly packaged and delivered in a timely fashion, our Services are also top-notch. Your satisfaction is our top priority!!