5 Must-Have Fitness Equipments to Reach your Fitness Goals at Home


September 20, 2019

Want to work out more often, but don’t want to shell out for a gym membership or pricey boutique fitness classes? No more excuses! These workout essentials will help you sweat it out at home—no gym membership necessary. Pick and choose from our curated list of gear (weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, and much more) to create a home gym room that works for you.


These are Essential fitness accessories that you can use at home to work every part of your body from your shoulders, back, arms to your legs. Including dumbbell exercises in your training regimen can help build muscle, improve strength training & core strength. 


These include Treadmills, Elliptical trainers, to name a few. I am putting them in a group called Cardio Equipment because you only need one or two for your ‘home gym’. They all have the same functionality which is to increase your heart rate and get your body moving for an elongated period of time. 


This is a must-have for men especially. Benches are a very useful tool for working your upper body like your shoulders, chest, back, and arms. Hey, you can’t do a bench press without a bench.


Resistance bands are great and versatile for those who want to work out at home. They are a cheap alternative to weights and can work every single part of your body when used correctly. There are different types but all are effective.


Mats are very important especially if you want to work on getting a 6-pack at home. Exercises like Plank, Leg raises, and Crunches all work your core and are mostly done on an exercise mat for comfort.

 This can be a great start to building a functional gym space at home and working towards your perfect body.



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