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Training With Kike Pinkdreams

 All Pinkdreams Plans are very detailed, we use text, images & video (wherever applicable) to give our Clients a very clear set of Instructions to guide them towards their Goal.

At Pinkdreams, our plans make use of both exercises you can do at home and those you can do at the gym depending on your personal preference. We have effective exercise packages for the areas you want to improve on your body. We also, have 6 – week Total Body Sculpting Plans you can do at the gym for Men & Women.

For clients that need that Extra motivation or TLC during their “Body Goal” journey – we offer Personal Training Services. You have the choice of Online or One on One Training. To get started just fill our Pinkdreams Questionnaire

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“Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work”
Kike Pinkdreams has over 10 years of experience in the Fitness Industry and with Degrees in Physical Education and Human Nutrition; she is able to give her clients the best of both worlds in Diet and Physical Fitness.


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art

With a Degree in Human Nutrition, Kike Pinkdreams understands how our bodies process the different nutrients in food and uses this information to help you achieve your Body Goals – whether that is weight loss, maintenance or gain. 


She teaches different poses (asanas) to her clients to help them develop awareness in their minds and body. She uses it as a tool to help clients reduce pain in different parts of their bodies and also develop flexibility and movement. 

Get a Diet Plan that will Work for You

Our Diet Plans are always created to best suit our clients’ needs. We use the information they provide through our Pinkdreams Questionnaire (either just Diet or Fitness and Diet) to develop a Tailor-made Diet Plan which is easy to follow. Our meals are stated with measurable portion sizes based on our calculation for a client’s daily calorie intake, taking into account their age, gender, food allergies, preferred food choices and the average level of daily physical activity – ultimately driving our clients towards their Weight Loss or Weight Gain goal.